Code Description Dimensions* Price
201J Jewelcast 6x81x81 mm 1.10
202J Jewelcast 10x81x81 mm 1.85
203J Jewelcast 15x81x81 mm 2.80
204J Jewelcast 20x81x81 mm 3.70
215J Jewelcast 6x89x173 mm 2.17
216J Jewelcast 10x89x173 mm 4.30
217J Jewelcast 15x89x173 mm 6.40
218J Jewelcast 20x89x173 mm 8.60
220J Jewelcast 6x93x105 mm 2.20
222J Jewelcast 10x93x105 mm 4.10
224J Jewelcast 15x93x105 mm 6.20
226J Jewelcast 20x93x105 mm 7.60
230J Jewelcast 6x50x50 mm 0.40
231J Jewelcast 10x50x50 mm 0.80
232J Jewelcast 15x50x50 mm 1.10
233J Jewelcast 20x50x50 mm 1.50
250J Jewelcast 6x42x46 mm 0.35
251J Jewelcast 10x42x46 mm 0.60
252J Jewelcast 15x42x46 mm 0.90
253J Jewelcast 20x42x46 mm 1.20
254J Jewelcast 25x42x46 mm 1.50
260J Jewelclamp 20x39x39 mm 1.61
260JA JewelclampA 20x39x39 mm 1.70
261J Jewelclamp 25x39x39 mm 2.17
261JA JewelclampA 25x39x39 mm 2.30
271J Jeweltube 11/33 ID/ODx150mm 10.00
272J Jeweltube 11/36 ID/ODx150mm 10.00
274J Jeweltube 11/45 ID/ODx150mm 10.50

* sizes are nominal and may vary slightly

10 and 15 mm Jewelclamp waxes available - please email/call

see "Products" for JewelwaxA information

For 13,22 & 25mm ID Jeweltube prices please email

Code Description Dimensions* Price
950J Jewelcast 6x100x250 mm 7.88
951J Jewelcast 6x100x200 mm 7.13
955J Jewelcast 10x100x250 mm 9.38
956J Jewelcast 10x100x200 mm 7.88
957J Jewelcast 10x200x200 mm 16.10
958J Jewelcast 10x100x100 mm 4.00
960J Jewelcast 10x50x100 mm 1.88
962J Jewelcast 15x50x100 mm 2.80
963J Jewelcast 15x50x50 mm 1.40
965J Jewelcast 20x50x100 mm 3.68
966J Jewelcast 20x100x200 mm 15.00
967J Jewelcast 20x100x100 mm 7.50
973J Jewelcast 20x150x150 mm 17.70
974J Jewelcast 20x200x200 mm 31.50
980J Jewelcast 6x60x60 mm 0.60
981J Jewelcast 10x60x60 mm 1.05
982J Jewelcast 20x60x60 mm 2.00
983J Jewelcast 30x60x60 mm 3.00
984J Jewelcast 40x60x60 mm 4.00
985J Jewelcast 15x60x60 mm 1.50
989J Jewelcast 10x195x260 mm 16.75
990J Jewelcast 6x60x50 mm 0.50
991J Jewelcast 10x60x50 mm 0.85
992J Jewelcast 15x60x50 mm 1.25
993J Jewelcast 20x60x50 mm 1.70
994J Jewelcast 25x60x50 mm 2.15


Gemvision/Revo system compatible waxes



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Jewelwax-price list

Jewelwax - a wax specially developed for cnc machining applications in the jewellery industry



Code Description Dimensions* Price
276J Jeweltube 16/33 ID/ODx150mm 10.00
278J Jeweltube 16/36 ID/ODx150mm 10.00
280J Jeweltube 16/45 ID/ODx150mm 10.50
282J Jeweltube 19/33 ID/ODx150mm 10.00
284J Jeweltube 19/36 ID/ODx150mm 10.00
286J Jeweltube 19/45 ID/ODx150mm 10.50
350J Jewelcast 10x57x66 mm 1.05
351J Jewelcast 15x57x66 mm 1.59
352J Jewelcast 15x37x46 mm 0.72
353J Jewelcast 20x37x46 mm 0.96
354J Jewelcast 10x40x40 mm 0.45
355J Jewelcast 15x40x40 mm 0.70
356J Jewelcast 20x40x40 mm 0.90
710J Jewelcast 40x90x100 mm 12.25
713J Jewelcast 40x90x200 mm 24.50
741J Jewelrod 4 dia x 150 mm 0.50
743J Jewelrod 6 dia x 150 mm 0.75
744J Jewelrod 8 dia x150 mm 0.82
745J Jewelrod 10 dia x 150 mm 0.95
746J Jewelrod 13 dia x150 mm 1.13
750J Jewelrod 15 dia x150 mm 1.50
752J Jewelrod 20 dia x150 mm 1.90
758J Jewelrod 22 dia x150 mm 2.25
760J Jewelrod 25 dia x 150 mm 2.60
762J Jewelrod 35 dia x150 mm 4.20
763J Jewelrod 45 dia x 150 mm 7.00
765J Mini Jewelrod set 4,6,8&10mm dia 3.25
766J Jewelrod set(x5) 6-20 dia x150 mm 5.50
779J Jewelbar 70 dia x 150 mm 15.30
790J Jewelbar 80 dia x 50 mm 7.88
792J Jewelbar 102 dia x 50 mm 12.50
798J Jewelbar 102 dia x 200 mm 49.10


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Special size blocks or bars and cast items can usually be manufactured to suit customers requirements. Please contact us for a quotation if you need a special size.


ORDERS  can be phoned / mailed / faxed / e-mailed  (see contact us details )
Customers in the euro-zone are welcome to pay in euros through our euro bank account. Details will be given on ordering.

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* sizes are nominal and may vary slightly






Jewelwax is manufactured and supplied by Tekwani Applications Ltd