For customers who find our usual Jewelwax (blue) is not as “hard” as the “Revo green wax”, we have developed our “Aqua” wax - JewelwaxA. This is “harder” and has a slightly higher melting point than the usual Jewelwax.
All wax profiles can be ordered by inserting an A after the code. The cost is approximately 5 to 6% more than that quoted in the pricelist for the Jewelwax item.

Free samples for testing are available on request.

JewelwaxA - see the "Gemvision/Revo" pricelist for sizes



Mini-Rods and Jewelcast Billets

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Jewelwax - waxes specially developed for CNC machining applications in the jewellery industry

Jewelwax is supplied in a variety of profiles:-

Rods: Jewelrods in 150 mm lengths

Other diameters are frequently being added to our range at the request of customers - please enquire.


Jewelcast with smooth cast major surfaces. Our billets/coupons are now supplied with major cast surfaces. The casting and cooling processes which we have recently developed produce an enhanced wax microstructure with improved machining qualities.

Please see the price-lists for all the current sizes including the Gemvision/Revo sizes.

Jewelclamp the profiles used by Gemvision Revo systems.

Jewelcut with cut major surfaces - this range has been discontinued except where no current Jewelcast size is produced.

JewelwaxA - a slightly different composition wax (see below)


We offer our full range of Jeweltubes directly to users - you do not have to purchase them through machine suppliers (if they still sold them!)

They are produced in 150 mm lengths with concentric holes.

In addition we produce "metric" sizes:

These are made with standard internal diameters of 11, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 mm and external diameters of 33, 36 & 45 mm. You choose the ID/OD combination.

Compare UK and USA ring sizes.

Gemvision - Revo profiles

We make all of the profiles required by Gemvision-Revo users.  Our waxes are produced in the UK and our delivery times and prices are very favourable compared to those supplied from the USA.
























Jewelwax is manufactured and supplied by Tekwani Applications Ltd




The "Jewelclamp" and "JewelclampA" profiles for use on "Gemvision - Revo" machines.(Also available 15 and 10 mm thicknesses - for use with 20mm adaptor)


Circular bangle tubes are produced in lengths of 150 mm with wall thicknesses of approximately 13 mm.








Bangletube and ringtubes